TLS/SSL Telnet

Follow these instructions to configure your 5250 sessions and other applications using TLS/SSL Encryption.

Start by pasting the following URL into your browser:

http://<IBM i Public Internet IP Address>:2001/QIBM/ICSS/Cert/Admin/qycucm1.ndm/main0

When prompted, enter your IBM i user name and password:
Click on Create a Certificate Authority (CA):

Changing the validity period to 7300 days is recommended as is using SHA-256 as the hash algorithm. Then fill out all required fields, and click Continue.:

Click Continue:

Selecting Yes to allow creation of user certificates is recommended as is changing the validity period to 2000 days. Then click Continue:

You should receive confirmation that the CA policy data was successfully changed. Click Continue:

Fill out all required fields and click Continue:

You should see a message indicating the your certificate was created successfully. Select the desired applications or use the recommended selections below, then click Continue:

You should receive a message indicating the applications selected will use your new certificate. Then click Continue:

Since an object signing certificate is not needed, click Select a Certificate Store:

Select *SYSTEM and then click Continue:

Type the password and click Continue:

Click the Fast Path link to the left of the screen:

Click the Work with server applications link:

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