This page will serve to answer the questions we get most often. Don't see your question? Contact us at team@litmis.com.

Q: Do I install my own PTFs?

A: Yes. We will show you how to do this at no additional cost.

Q: How many users are licensed on the machine?

A: You have unlimited IBM i profiles.

Q: Do we have the ability to IPL the single tenant system on demand?

A: Yes, you can IPL to your heart's content. Note that only our staff has access to the HMC, so will be a bit of a blind IPL - you won't be able to see the current progress. Make sure to specify RESTART(*YES) on the PWRDWNSYS command.

Q: What processor group does Litmis Spaces have?

A: P20

Q: What is my (logical) partition id?

A: Run command GO SERVICE and then take option 6 (Display service registration information).

Q: Do you also offer Windows and Linux hosting?

A: Yes, please contact team@litmis.com to learn more.

Q: Can I install a secondary language?

A: Yes. Each machine has a folder named /v7r3xxxx in the root of the IFS that contains the DVD images for the operating system components. This allows you to install a number of things including secondary languages.

Here are the instructions for installing a secondary language for v7.3. When prompted for the Installation Device you will specify OPTVRT01, which is the default optical device we've setup.

Q: Can you restore my system save onto my Litmis Space server?

A: Yes. You can mail us your system save and we can restore it at no cost.

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