Installing PTFs

First locate the PTF you need and enter the SNDPTFORD command, as shown below. Hit the Enter key to continue.


The next screen will prompt you to verify contact info. Don't change any values. Enter key to continue.

                          Verify Contact Information                        
                                                            System:   LS999
Type changes, press Enter.                                                  

  Company . . . . . . . . . .   <<Don't change>>
  Contact . . . . . . . . . .   <<Don't change>>

On the next page select option 1 and hit Enter.

                             Select Reporting Option                          
                                                            System:   LS999
Problem ID . . . . . . . . . :   9999999999                                 
Current status . . . . . . . :   READY                                      
Problem  . . . . . . . . . . :   Fix request                                

Select one of the following:                                                

     1. Send service request now                                            
     2. Do not send service request                                         
     3. Report service request by voice                                     


F3=Exit   F12=Cancel                                                        
Alternate load device not found.

You should now see various diagnostic messages displaying in the bottom of your screen and eventually it will convey the percentage left to download.

Once the download is complete run the GO PTF command and you see see the following screen.

PTF                         Program Temporary Fix                           
                                                            System:   LS999
Select one of the following:                                                

     1. Load a program temporary fix                                        
     2. Apply a program temporary fix                                       
     3. Copy a program temporary fix                                        
     4. Remove a program temporary fix                                      
     5. Display a program temporary fix                                     
     6. Order a program temporary fix                                       
     7. Install a program temporary fix from a list                         
     8. Install program temporary fix package                               
     9. Copy PTF Cover Letter                                               
    10. Display PTF Cover Letter                                            
    11. Delete a program temporary fix                                      
    12. Work with PTF groups                                                
    13. Copy PTF group

Select option 8, Install program temporary fix package. You should be presented with the following screen. Enter *SERVICE to declare we want to install the PTFs we from IBM's service. Set Automatic IPL to N; you can restart later if necessary. Set Other options to Y because we want to be prompted for one more screen. Hit the Enter key.

                 Install Options for Program Temporary Fixes                  
                                                            System:   LS999  
Type choices, press Enter.                                                    

  Device  . . . . . . . . .   *SERVICE     Name, *SERVICE, *NONE              

  Automatic IPL . . . . . .   N            Y=Yes                              

  Prompt for media  . . . .   1            1=Single PTF volume set            
                                           2=Multiple PTF volume sets         
                                           3=Multiple volume sets and *SERVICE

  Restart type  . . . . . .   *SYS         *SYS, *FULL                        

  Other options . . . . . .   Y            Y=Yes                              

On the Other Install Options screen set the Apply type to 2 so PTFs can be applied immediately without an IPL. Note this is specific to the 5733OPS PTFs. Not all PTFs can be applied and be working in this fashion. Hit the Enter key.

                            Other Install Options                           
                                                            System:   LS999
Type choices, press Enter.                                                  

  Omit PTFs  . .   N            Y=Yes, N=No                                 

  Apply type . .   2            1=Set all PTFs delayed                      
                                2=Apply immediate, set delayed PTFs         
                                3=Apply only immediate PTFs

The PTF installation process will now start and you should see a screen similar to the following.

                              PTF Load in Progress                              
                                                             System:   LS999
 ID          Description                                                        
 5770SS1     IBM i                                                              

 Loading PTFs for 2 of 23 licensed programs.

Once it is complete you should have the updates installed.

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